About SpringsBest Members

How can I qualify as a member of Springbest?

SpringsBest is a highly selective organization. The success of the group is founded on getting and keeping highly qualified members. Only one member per business category is allowed. Members may not participate in other networking groups or organizations that might create a conflict of interest with SpringsBest members. Members must stand out in their own business by providing superior service and products. If an individual and the business qualifies for membership and is accepted, SpringsBest loans a business category to the individual.

Specific Requirements for membership include:

  1. Be active, locally, in the business category for a minimum of one year.
  2. Be an owner, manager, or direct sales representative.
  3. Be sponsored by a SpringsBest member.
  4. Commit to weekly attendance of SpringsBest meetings and social functions.
  5. Commit to actively providing a minimum of two or more quality business leads per week to the SpringsBest Membership.
  6. Pay SpringsBest invoices in a timely manner.
  7. Meet the membership criteria

How do tips work?

Tips are quality business leads which are either directly from you to another business or from an outside contact to a member in the group. Outside leads may either be “A” Leads, where the lead is expecting a call from your business; “B” Leads, where the business may use your name when calling; or “C” Leads, where potential business is referred without direct contact, such as telling a Realtor about seeing a “For Sale By Owner”. “A” and “B” leads should represent the majority of each member’s leads. While the average number of leads per week is three member, the goal is to have high quality leads each week, not just a large number of leads. Each week members have an opportunity to tell the membership how they can be tipped and any special information about their business.

What is the investment to participate?

Dues are currently $175.00 per quarter. This covers the cost of operating the organization plus breakfast during each meeting. Social events usually require an expenditure equaling an additional $100 per year. Social events are paid in advance and dues are subject to a $25 late fee if not received by the first meeting of the quarter. In addition, you have the $225 application fee. Thus your first year investment may be as little as $1,025.00. It is not unusual to receive this back four or five times over during the first year.

What is the membership process?

You may attend two consecutive meetings as the guest of SpringsBest. After the second meeting, complete this application and return it with a check for the required entry fee. The application will be reviewed and an on-site visit of your business will be scheduled. During the visit you will have the opportunity to ask questions about SpringsBest and to answer some general questions yourself. A report of the visit and review will be shared with membership, followed by a secret ballot. If approved for membership, SpringsBest will loan you an exclusive business category. During the first ninety days of orientation your attendance and participation will be carefully monitored.

You are encouraged to meet with, talk with, and visit as many other SpringsBest members as possible. If for any reason you are not accepted as a member of SpringsBest your entry fee will be refunded, less direct expense of SpringsBest associated with your application.